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Early Development Camps (EDCs) are the next step to recruit and retain our most promising young “orange ball” athletes, ages 6 to 10. Successful EDCs located throughout the country will help grow the talent pool of junior players and create a new wave of world-class tennis professionals in the years to come. EDCs have a limited number of participants, a low pro/player ratio (4:1), and are chosen based on player results at the EDC Combine that include Athletic Skills and Technical Development.

The EDC series is for Orange level players only. If your development pathway shows that you are on a different level than Orange (above or below), then you will not be considered for selection into EDCs. Once a player gets selected, he/she needs to commit to attend all four EDC Camps and stay at the Orange level until completion of the last camp.

This is the first year the USTA/Western Michigan Section has hosted the Early Development Camps. Court One Athletic Clubs in Okemos is the Western Michigan’s EDC location with Steve Surtman, as lead Coach.

The 2016 Early Development Camps will be made up of a progression of themes and after attending all three camps, the program should prove to be extremely beneficial for you and your child. The same group of players will attend all three high-performance camps. The camp themes for the players, parents and coaches will be as follows:

·         The Expert Rallyer - Learning and Respecting the Game/Why 10 & Under?/ Linking Athletic Development to the Technical Development of the Groundstroke.

·         The Net Dominator - What are the Mechanics of Being a Competitor?/Introduction to Training & Competition/Linking Athletic Development to the Transition Game

·         The All Court Player – Preparing for the Next Court/Moving to the Next Court and the Potential Challenges/Linking Athletic Development to the All Court Player

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