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Adult and Senior Competition in Western Michigan

Adult and Senior Ranking Regulations


Points Per Round Ranking System


Players shall be ranked based upon the round they reach in the tournaments they play within the Western Michigan District. Points shall be awarded based on the tournament the y played and the currently published and applicable tournament base point tables.


  1. Points shall be computed from a specifically determined number of the player’s best tournament results as follows:

3 tournaments – All Men’s age divisions at and below 55

2 tournaments – All Men’s age divisions at and above 60

2 tournaments – All Women’s age divisions

2 tournaments – All NTRP divisions


  1. A minimum of one (1) win over another player in the ranking population is required.
  2. If a player defaults a scheduled match in a tournament for any reason, points earned in that tournament will not count for ranking purposes.
  3. A player must win a round to receive any points in that age division for that tournament.
  4. Byes do not qualify as wins. Defaults, retirements, walkovers and withdrawals qualify as wins for the advancing player and earn points per round.